Commercial Ver.
Aspen Reader

Aspen PDF also converts a PDF document as a commercial version of Aspen Reader. The commercial version provides more functions for publishing e-book.
Here is an example book, "MEAT ATLAS 2014".

Aspen Reader Edu

Aspen Reader Edu is for professional e-learning books such as digital textbooks or e-learning workbooks. That is a book with additional interactive contents such as classroom materials, assessments or after-reading activities.

To link those contents, Aspen Reader Edu supports overlay links on book page. Overlay links and contents can be edited with Aspen Studio. A user can import output of Aspen PDF onto Aspen Studio, and edit more links and contents on it.

Aspen Reader Edu supports these types of additional contents. These contents are merged and packaged by Aspen Reader Edu as one e-book.

Aspen Reader Edu accepts any HTML5 page as a content. However usually those are edited with Aspen Studio. In case of e-learning book, usually it needs tens or hundreds of interactive contents, and they cost a lot in developing with hard-coded JavaScript and HTML.

Here is an example of digital textbook published by Aspen Reader Edu.

Read-to-me book generator

Aspen PDF and Studio can be configured to automatically generate interactive e-book from given input data. This read-to-me book is generated from PDF(book), MP3(Audiobook) and VTT(Timing).

Flip the first page to play the book below.

Aspen Studio

Aspen Studio is a HTML5 dynamic content authorizing tool runs on web browser. The output of Aspen PDF can be imported onto Aspen Studio. It means that you can add more contents and activities to your book with Aspen Studio.

Aspen Studio also supports publishing your file as a standard EPUB3 file which is validated by EPUB Validator( from International Digital Publishing Forum.

To do this, you need a proper license of Aspen Studio Edu.
Please, refer to Aspen Studio( for more information.